A Guide to the Flora of the Sierra de San Pedro Mártir

This book is a fully bilingual, indexed photographic guide to the flora of the Sierra San Pedro Mártir, the highest mountain range in the state of Baja California.

The book includes the chapters Introduction, Maps, The Flora, and History and Exploration, plus three other chapters, The Park, by Gonzalo de León, Director of the National Park; Fire by Hugh Safford, U.S. Forest Service Ecologist; and Vegetation by José Delgadillo, Professor of Botany at the Autonomous University of Baja California. (Click the links for pdfs of the chapters).

The “heart” of the book is 235 pages of images of the plants of the park, one per taxon, arranged as if you had your own herbarium (where plant specimens are stored and kept for study) at your fingertips. These photos provide highly detailed images that allow the identification of all these species, many of which have never before been presented in a field guide.

Here are a few sample pages showing how the plants are illustrated

Sierra San Pedro Mártir Hedgehog Cactus (endemic to the Sierra)
Moran Sliver-Hair Ivesia (endemic to the Sierra)
Meling Linanthus (endemic to the Baja California peninsula, and named after a famous ranching family in the Sierra)
Baja California Bird’s Beak